Homegrown is often best, whether we’re talking about tomatoes, beef or electric off road vehicles!  Ken Blackstock, the owner of Plano Golf Carts (www.planogolfcarts.com), produces a very rugged off road ‘buggy’ right here in Texas and after putting his Intimidator through a full year of testing in some often grueling conditions, I give it a huge thumbs up!


 Blackstock’s creation begin life as a basic EZ GO electric golf cart but the transformation is a big one and, when the units leave his shop, they are rigged and ready for the back roads and back woods.   Ken offers two models, a two wheel drive unit, which I’ve been using, and a 4WD model.  I’m sure the 4WD unit is needed under some circumstances but my two wheel drive with Posi Traction has served me well. We’ve used it a lot here in Texas and it also served us well in the mountains of northwest Colorado during our archery elk hunts.


  I hunt ducks about a mile from my house each fall and winter and calling the trail back to the marsh a ‘road’ would definitely not be an accurate description of the path we take. During the winter, the route to the ducks becomes a boggy mess from one end to the other with several stretches that stand water for weeks. I’ve never had my Intimidator stuck on these frequent duck hunts. In fact, without the unit, would have to walk almost a mile to get to where the ducks are. Up in Colorado, the unit served us well, making two trips each day with 3 hunters from camp at 6,500 feet up Sleeping Giant Mountain, a climb of about 1,000 feet. We fired up the generator each night and recharged the Intimidator and it was ready for action bright and early the next morning.


 “The golf carts come with a 3 HP electric motor,” says Blackstock. “We replace that with a heavy duty 9 HP motor.  We remove the 275 Amp. controller and install one that is 500 Amps. The entire unit is rewired with heavy gauge wiring.” The Intimidators sport 23 inch All Terrain tires and a 4-6 inch lift kit is added, giving the units a full 12 inches of ground clearance.  The 4WD models are rigged with the same electrical components as the 2 WD but independent front suspension with McPhearson struts is added. The 4WD models have rack and pinion steering and front hydraulic disc brakes. The rear end is 2 speed with high/granny gears.  Rear seats that fold down into a steel bed, gun racks and steel carrying racks in the front make the units very serviceable.


  Blackstock says that repairs on his units are simple and easy to diagnose. “A computer is necessary to work on the nationally advertised units. We use simple electrical testing equipment to trouble shoot our units.  In the year of heavy use in varying terrain, the only thing I’ve had to do with my unit is clean the battery connectors. It has the same power today as it had when it I started using it a year ago.

For more information on these Texas made electric units, go online to www.planogolfcarts.com or talk with Ken Blackstock at 972-578-1067.