Especially if you keep up with bass fishing tournaments, news and products.

one of the top spots to keep up with the everythings in bass fishing. This site gives everything from fishing articles, fishing videos, producer reviews. News in all fishing industry from boating news, fishing tours like FLN, BASS, and others. Check it out.

This website/magazine will keep you up to date on salt water fishing on the Texas coast. Plus a little hunting included. If you’re a saltwater fisherman, check this site out. Get your saltwater fishing reports. Plus, blogs and Texas coast real time weather. Very good south Texas site.

This site will give you real time data for every lake and river in Texas. I use this site to check lake levels that are posted daily. Very important tool especially if you are planning a trip to a lake or river that you have not visited lately. You can obtain water levels for any lake in Texas, updated daily.

This is an “Anglers source for tackle news and review” Just what it says, easy way to keep up with everything new to fishing; Example : Reels, rods, lines, lures, terminal tackle, tools, watercraft, electronics, events in fishing. Just to name a few. 100% independent review site with news.

This site is “a daily news for the marine industry professionals”.Gives you daily news for upcoming events, new marine products, etc.

News and feature coverage focuses on the people, events and trends that affect boat manufactures, boat dealers and retailers, marinas and boat yards, engine and electronics manufactures, accessory. A full array of marine related service companies. 

Fishing world is one of the first fishing websites established since 1995. “It’s all about fishing”. This site contains everything from daily updates on tournament results, fishing articles, upcoming events, industry news and classified ads for boats and motors, miscellaneous vehicles, fishing, tackle and equipment. All the above are no cost ads to sell your whatever. Very good site to keep up with “whats going on daily in the tournaments scene”, all in one location. I highly recommend you visit this site.

Compiled info on all types of boats. A group of professionals putting together boat information from test to reviews of new and current model boats of all sizes and model boats offered in the markets today. Check this site and newsletter before you purchase your all pertanant info from boats engins; navigation and pertament info on all aspects of the boat industries.

This site is what their logo says “The best place to tack fishing”. Texas fishing forum offers everything in the fishing sectors of Texas from news, sell and tackle, classifieds, tournament dates, boats for sale, fishing forums of all kinds, catfish, crappie, bass, and the list goes on. Saltwater, fresh water, fly fishing, etc.

“The best place to talk hunting” Offer all the goodies that Texas Fishing Forum does except all about hunting.

This site has everything to do with bass boats. You can list to sell any bass boat that has ever been made. A great place to buy a bass boat or parts to props. A buy to sell site that runs from coast to coast in the US.

The newest and greatest magazine for East Texas. Has all information pertaining to all outdoors activities surrounding the piney woods of Texas

General Tournament sites: