NATURE BLINDS by Luke Clayton

  Roomy enough for 3 people, this new blind perfectly mimics Mother Nature. I recently traveled down to the Nature Blinds Headquarters in Kerville, Texas and toured the facility.

  The Nature Blind is the brainchild of Tim Thomason who spent years as a Hollywood set designer. Tim has devised a method of creating ‘bark’ that looks more like weathered old tree trunks than the actual trunks themselves! 

 On my recent visit to the Kerville area, I visited a nearby ranch where several of the Tree Blinds were situated. Had I not known what I was looking for, I’m pretty sure I would never have noticed the blinds, they look that real.

  Larry Weishuhn is the spokesperson for Nature Blinds and says he’s had deer within a matter of feet of the blind. Thomason once had a couple of deer actually rubbing against the blind-while he was in it! When he reached out of the windows he was able to actually touch the back of one of the deer!

 These blinds weigh about 300 pounds and when placed on your land or lease, provide a maintenance free blind that perfectly blends into any setting. If you’re looking for a quality blind that will last a lifetime, visit  and spend some time looking them over.  I think you will like what you see. I know I did!   Luke Clayton